The Comers {Portrait Session}

April 21, 2014  •  2 Comments

I have known Kenny & Danielle since junior high. While we were always friendly with one another, my relationship with them didn't become close until after high school. It's inevitable that some people grow apart as they get older, but I am lucky to say that my friendship with these two has only grown closer over the past few years. And although neither of them would probably tell you this themselves- they are the strongest, bravest, toughest, most independent & fearless people I know. In my book, they are BOTH superheroes. 

During our Senior year of high school, Kenny was diagnosed with cancer. In the 10+ years that have followed, he's been through countless treatments, surgeries, doctors visits & hospital stays. As an outsider looking in, I have felt sad, angry, confused & frustrated that this amazing young man has been dealt this shitty hand. But ironically, I have never once seen Kenny feel sorry for himself. Although I'm sure there have been hard days, you will never see it on his face. He is always outwardly positive, kind, happy & often is the one telling people "it will be okay!" I am a strong believer that attitude is everything & that your mental & emotional disposition directly affects your health. So I know without a shadow of a doubt that Kenny's attitude is the reason he has beat this disease countless times and will continue to do so until he is old, gray and winkled!

As for Danielle, she is the behind the scenes support system. I like to think of her as Kenny's secret weapon! This is not a disease that appeared late in their relationship- Danielle made the conscious choice to fight this battle alongside Kenny long before they were married. She is a silent soldier, she never asks for help and she never complains. She is one of the most independent women I've ever known & frankly, I don't think I could fill her shoes even for a day. I wanted to do these photos for Danielle as a birthday gift (partly because they haven't had photos taken since their wedding day!) but also because I feel that they constantly give me gifts without even realizing it & I owe them something beautiful in return.


To Kenny & D, I hope you love these! And I hope you both know how much I love you... you are wildly extraordinary people and I am lucky to have you in my life.



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Thank you, Chelsea!! Best birthday gift ever :) love you!
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Chelsea pretty much covered it:) love y'all!
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