Natalie {Cedar Vale Senior}

October 27, 2015  •  1 Comment

Meet Natalie! She is a senior at Cedar Vale High School & is a beautiful, smart & sweet girl. I love getting to meet students from different high schools & towns, so when Natalie's mom contacted me a couple months ago I was so excited! Natalie is Miss Cedar Vale this year & is planning to pursue a career in Pharmaceutical Science after graduation! She has an amazing little sister & boyfriend who joined us for her shoot and we had the best time!

When we had her consultation, Natalie specifically requested a sunflower field. Being October in Kansas, I was pretty sure I would fail her. Most sunflowers are harvested by now, so I knew that the odds were against us. Luckily, one of my AMAZING senior models gave me a tip about a field she had seen that was just starting to bloom (shoutout to my 2016 models who always have my back!!) I drove out and sure enough- the flowers were just beginning to open! After knocking on doors to find out if it was ok to take photos there, I sent Natalie a thumbs up! If you know me, you know that I want to give my girls whatever I can to make their session perfect, so finding this location for Natalie was so exciting.

The day of her session, we started out at the studio for hair & makeup with one of my awesome makeup artists, Kelsie! Natalie's mom & sister hung out with us and we had all kinds of good girl talk. Getting ready is one of my favorite parts of my sessions- I love being able to spend time with my girls without having a camera in front of my face.

We started our session in downtown Ark City and thankfully Natalie trusted me when I pulled over at a random bush and was like "OMG, we have to take pics here!!" lol! Next we traveled to my favorite golden hour tree (where we incorporated her love for reading!), and then continued on to the sunflower field. The girls confessed to me when we got there that they had never been to a real sunflower field before- it made them so excited & giddy, it was the perfect ending to our day! 

Natalie's session was laid back, easy-going & so much fun. I felt like I had been friends with her & her crew forever. When we were driving back to town, Natalie sighed in the seat next to me and told me that the day had been perfect & was everything she had wanted. Let me tell you people, that is what I LIVE FOR.

I am so pleased to have been able to make Natalie's wishes a reality, and so glad that she & her mom love all their images. I am blessed to have her in my tribe. Check out her session below & leave her some love at the bottom!




Trishadee Haden(non-registered)
Chelsea, you are an AMAZING and talented lady! We had so much fun and I LOVE every picture! !
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