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March 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A year ago today, I closed on a house with the love of my life. Afterwards, we took some family and friends out to see the new place & tour the house. While we were there, I insisted that we take a photo to remember the day. Much to my surprise, he got down on one knee during our little photoshoot & proposed right there on the front sidewalk! (I said yes, of course!)
That day was the biggest I had ever had, and it was just the beginning. A month later I left my retail job of over 5 years, moved from the only town I had ever lived in, and set out on the biggest journey I had ever taken. The next few months were a whirlwind of wedding planning, settling into our new home & starting my photography business over in a town where I knew very few people. After the wedding (which was amazing!) I had some time to sit and really re-evaluate my business and where I wanted to take it. The realization slowly crept in that my brand, Pixel & Grain, no longer fit who I was as a person or a photographer. I had a long term goal, a dream, a vision, a drive to do something different, and a huge desire to jump in head first... and when my heart gives me directions, I follow them!

So, in honor of today's "anniversary" it seems only right to announce another big change to my life! 

First on the list is the obvious name change. When you see my images, I want you to feel like you see a little of me in each one. I want my clients to consider me a friend, and to know me on a first name basis. It is my desire that you get to know who I am as a person through my website, Facebook & Instagram. And the only way to do that is to put my name on it. So say hello to Chelsea Taylor Photography (Hi, I'm Chelsea, nice to meet you!) 
Next up is my vision. I have known for some time now that I want to specialize in senior photography for girls. It's hard to explain why you are drawn to something... why do some photographers love newborns? Why do some photographers love shooting weddings? And why do others love editorial & fashion & runway? It's just something you feel, and you can't escape it. It drives you. It keeps you up at night.

For me I think the desire comes mostly from personal experience. I can remember my senior photos being the first professional pictures I had taken where I thought I looked pretty. Even as an adult I've gotten photos back and been ecstatic and thought, "DANG, I look gorgeous!!" But unfortunately there are also times I have taken photos and been crushed at how I look in them. Having a woman of any age in front of your camera isn't just about taking pictures. It's about helping her see how amazing & beautiful she is.

This is especially important with teenagers. If feeling confident & pretty is hard as an adult, it can be nearly impossible as a high school student. But I want to change that! Seniors are at a unique place where they are becoming independent, finding out about themselves, discovering who they want to be & figuring out how to be comfortable in their own skin. They're in the limbo between "kid" & "adult" and while they may have participated in family photoshoots, many of them have never gone through a model style session where they are the star. But as far as I'm concerned, that's exactly what they deserve. To be the star of the show, to feel important, to see pictures of themselves that make them see how stunning they truly are.
With this in mind, my senior portrait sessions will now include amazing professional hair/makeup artists as well as help with wardrobe & accessory styling. I will consult with each senior before their session to find out more about them, who they are, what they like, etc. Then, instead of the same old online gallery, they will get to see their images for the first time at a private image premiere/ordering session!

Does this mean I will be photographing only senior girls? No. I will still offer sessions for kids, teens, maternity, engagement, etc. And the best part? EVERYONE gets the star treatment. I mean, why not have pro makeup done for your maternity session? Moms deserve to be pampered too!

I realize I have laid a lot out there, but this is only the beginning. I will be working on some amazing projects this year in order to be better at what I do & to give each and every one of you a better overall experience. Please do not hesitate to shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments (or just want to say hello!)



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