Big Dreams {Pretty Girls}

July 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

You know when you're graduating high school and everyone wants to know what you're doing with your life?
Well, a little over 11 years ago I was prepping for my own HS graduation and I must have filled out 100 forms and questionnaires asking me about my future plans. I distinctly remember putting on each and every one of those papers that I was going to be a photographer & have my own studio and life was going to be RAD! But, as you may know, life doesn't always go the way you plan.

I dabbled in photography all through college- shooting with a 35mm film camera and pretty much not knowing what I was doing most of the time. After about 4 years, I got burned out. I wasn't learning new things, wasn't investing in new knowledge or equipment, had no vision for a future business and was shooting things I didn't love or enjoy. So I quit. Just like I quit piano lessons in Junior High... (sorry, Mom!)

​A dream is only as good as you make it. I learned that I couldn't just say "hey, I want to be a great photographer" but then not put in the work or effort it takes to get there. Being stagnant is pretty much the same as going backwards as far as I'm concerned. After about 4 years of "retirement" I picked up a camera to shoot some products for my job at the time. I instantly fell back in love! I decided I was going to give photography another chance- but this time I was going to kick butt at it! So I bought myself a new camera & lens and jumped in headfirst... that was exactly two years ago today!

​There has been a lot of learning along the way, but this time I am determined to put in the work and create something that I am proud of. Looking back on my images from just two years ago, I can see a WORLD of difference. Finding my own style & identity as a photographer has taken some time, but it has been well worth it. I have huge plans for the future of my little business and it makes me so excited to finally be doing what my 17-year-old self claimed I would!

Oh, and I guess now would be a good time to mention that I have rented a small studio/office space in downtown Ark City and will be revealing it to you all soon!! Eeeeeek!!! To celebrate all the good feels I am feeling today, I am sharing some images of my super amazing 2016 Model Team from our styled group shoot last month. Enjoy, and thank you all for loving & supporting me!



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