My girls {My tribe}

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I belong to several online forums & groups for senior photographers, and I read a lot about finding your target client, or "your girl." This concept centers around the idea that there is a specific type of girl out there who fits your style & your brand, and that this is who you want to market to. Since I decided to specialize in senior girls I have been thinking a lot about this... and the question "who is your girl?" just never seemed to sit well with me. And then, it happened. My very wise and beautiful friend Danielle sent me a quote- "Find your tribe. Love them hard." It hit me like a ton of bricks. I don't have a girl. I have GIRLS, plural. Lots of them. There is an entire tribe of young women who I can identify with and find some common ground. I want all of them to see me as a person they can relate to, and someone who understands them and wants to show them how amazing & beautiful they are. So in case you are wondering if you fit my tribe... let me just tell you!

Vintage Americana theme senior model shoot by Chelsea Taylor, Arkansas City, Kansaschelsea taylor model team americana styled shoot2










My girls are kind, friendly, smart & beautiful. They are athletic, outgoing, creative & confident. They are cheerleaders, dancers, musicians and aspiring photographers. They love sports, camping, hunting & fishing. They love shopping, sequins, Taylor Swift & chick flicks. They are fiercely loyal friends, beloved daughters and extremely hard workers. They are girls next door, they are rebels & rule-breakers. My girls love preppy clothes & bohemian style. They rock 6-inch heels and dirty cowboy boots. They love messy hair, comfy sweatshirts and going barefoot. They enjoy concerts, carnivals, road trips and singing at the top of their lungs. They have dreams, aspirations, goals & wishes. My girls rock red lipstick & look amazing with no-makeup on. They jam out to Johnny Cash & Beyoncé. They love thunderstorms, sunny summer days and playing in the snow. They are compassionate, generous and always willing to help. My girls are wild, silly, full of life and they have the BEST smiles. They love going on adventures and trying new things. They encourage others. They are happy girls. They have big hearts. They love hard.

Vintage Americana theme senior model shoot by Chelsea Taylor, Arkansas City, KansasChelsea Taylor Photography Senior Model Americana Theme Shoot

Does any of this sound like you? Do these sound like girls you want to know? I would love to hear from you! Shoot me a message or an email, you can ask about booking or a session or you can just say Hey! Either way I would love to know who you are and that you read this :)

Oh, and welcome to my tribe!



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