Madi {Winfield Senior}

August 28, 2015  •  3 Comments

​Oh man, where to begin with Madi?
This girl is proof that good things come in small packages. She may be just a little thing, but this girl is fierce and full of life! I love how sassy she is and that she is passionate about so many things. Not only is Madi beautiful on the outside, but she has the sweetest heart. She loves spending time with her two nieces, helping her mom with the exotic cats at A-1 Savannah's & she is pretty much a track star!

When we discussed what she wanted for her session, it was a given that we include one of the African servals from the cattery (which I was PUMPED about)! She also wanted to incorporate her track medals and a waterfall! I promised her sunflowers as well, and although I failed to deliver initially, I made up for it later! It is important to me that my girls get to incorporate the things they love and that they walk away feeling like I covered every aspect of their personality.

​Madi has been through some tough times and had recently gotten a tattoo to celebrate the fact that she is a fighter and has so much life ahead of her. It was important to her that we incorporate that in a special way as well.

We started out the day at my new studio with hair & makeup from Abigail Dumler/Beauty With Abby. We kicked off the photos inside with Amunra, a beautiful serval cat and then adventured out downtown for her next two outfits! Next stop was the track and then we ended the evening at the state lake waterfall! Luckily I also managed to find a sunflower field since my original fell through and we tacked on some sunflowers photos a few days later!

I had such a great time with Madi, her mom & her friend Payton- there is never a dull moment with them! I am so glad that Madi loves her images and am excited to share them with you all now! Be sure to leave her some love at the bottom!


When things get rough
And you've had enough
It doesn't make sense
It's all too tough
You think why continue
There's never anything new
Then your call goes unanswered
And you think 'That's my cue'
You've been pushed to the edge
The very tip of the ledge
You're about to fall over
Just have to move a smidge
Before the step before the fall
Before you decide to end it all
Put your semicolon in
And realize your life is just about to begin


Linda Martinez(non-registered)
iknow she is beautiful but your pics are stunning you did a great job showing just how beautiful she is on the inside!
Sue Lancaster(non-registered)
Simply stunning!
Amy Gates (mom)(non-registered)
Oh my goodness the made me cry....(happy tears of course) I'am blessed beyond measure to have 3 beautiful loving girls! And blessed that we found you Chelsea Taylor to take this adventure with us!!! Much love & blessings to you!!
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