Téa {Winfield Senior}

August 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

When I opened applications for my Senior Model Team, Téa was the first one to respond. She is an aspiring photographer herself and I was familiar with her work from Instagram. She has such a unique style and creative brain so I was instantly excited to work with her!

Téa is a little quiet at first, but she is always observing the world around her (it's that creative brain working overtime!) Going into my model team meeting & group photoshoot, she didn't know the other girls very well but you never would have guessed it. She is sweet, kind and not afraid to jump right in and make new friends!

When we started discussing Téa's individual session, she had two clear visions- one was a natural, earthy flower child style and the other was edgy and urban. I was stoked that she wanted to incorporate such different styles and aspects of her personality! After sharing ideas via her custom Pinterest board, I took on the task of making the flower crown and Téa did all the rest- she even hand picked her own locations!

We started with hair & makeup at my studio with Kelsie Adkins {Makeup by Kelsie} and then went on location in Winfield to shoot...and it was HOT... and there were MOSQUITOS... and they were BIG! But Téa was flawless (as usual)! During the second portion of our shoot, you could hear a motorcycle cruising down 
Mainstreet in Winfield and without even seeing the thing, Téa looked at me and said "there's my boyfriend!" I was impressed that she knew it was him just from the sound, but sure enough- it was him! Her mom and I flagged him down while she changed outfits and we made him join our little session for some cool motorcycle shots. The two of them are so adorable together, and he was such a good sport!

We shot 'til the sun went down and I could not have had a better time. Téa and her mom are both so easy going and fun, they made my job incredibly easy and enjoyable and I am so excited to share some of our favorite images from her viewing session! 

XOXO - Chelsea


Hi I love your photography it's amazing I was wondering what kind of camera you use as well as what you use to edit ? :)
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