Emily {Model Session}

September 18, 2015  •  2 Comments

I have been dreaming of this session since last August... and it finally happened!

After moving to our little farm property out in Kansas, I fell in love with the ever changing landscape- from wheat & soybeans to wild sunflowers & purple thistle to the rolling red fields of milo, there was always something blooming and changing and gorgeous to look at. I had grown up my entire life in Oklahoma loving wheat fields and the way they wave in the wind, but first glance at a rust colored milo field last fall and I was sold for life!

I instantly had a vision of a gorgeous red-haired beauty in the middle of an endless milo field and I couldn't shake it. Redheads are kind of my favorite thing anyway, so it seemed only appropriate that I hunt one down for this shoot. After waiting 12 long months, I placed a model call and I gasped out loud when I opened Emily's e-mail. Her picture staring back at me was exactly the person I envisioned for this shoot and I knew she would be perfect!

Emily is a recent graduate from Derby High School. She loves to travel & blog and just started her first year at Butler! My girl {Arin Munoz} hooked us up with gorgeous makeup for this shoot before we adventured into the country! It had been raining off and on all day and I was so concerned the weather was going to kill the shoot, but we ended up with the coolest (and maybe weirdest) sunset I have ever seen. The colors were beautiful and you could see the outline of the sun perfectly through the clouds. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried!

I love the end result from this shoot- and I am so thankful that Emily was willing to help make it a reality. Check out the magic we made below and be sure to leave some love at the bottom! 



Gail Flinchum(non-registered)
Beautiful girl & love her jewelry.
These are seriously amazing, Chelsea!!! Wishing I had red hair just so I could have these photos taken!! What will my blonde hair blend in to?!?! lol
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