Emily {Beauty Revived Senior}

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Meet Emily! She is kind-hearted, talented, silly & deeply faithful. She is loved by her peers, has a laugh that stops you in your tracks and isn't afraid to march to her own drum. And as of this January, she is one of the nation's most beautiful seniors! Now although Emily is extremely beautiful on the outside, the seniors chosen to be part of the Beauty Revived campaign are celebrated for the beauty that comes from the heart. 

What is Beauty Revived you might be wondering?

Beauty Revived is a movement dedicated to telling the stories of real women with real beauty. In a world where the media celebrates only those with perfect skin, weight and hair, Beauty Revived focuses on what makes us truly beautiful. Their mission is to uplift, inspire and empower photographers of faith and integrity to shed light on the good, the strong and the beautiful.

I have wanted to participate in this movement for some time now, and when I saw that they were printing a special magazine for the country's most beautiful seniors I jumped at the chance to celebrate someone from our community. The moment I read Emily's nomination I was intrigued- and once I spoke to her mother and her peers I knew she was special and just had to get her in front of my camera!

Our session together could not have been more perfect. The weather was perfect, there was a TON of giggling and I got to see why Emily is so beloved by those that know her. She was kind enough to sing for me and I was excited to use her very own voice as the background track for her video portrait (the youtube video is below!). Now that the magazine has been released, I am excited to finally be able to share her session! 

It has been such a blessing to meet Emily and share this experience with her. You can read her Beauty Revived submission below, or click the link below to see her feature on the Beauty Revived website. Enjoy!


{See Emily's Beauty Revived Website feature HERE!}

"From the moment I received Emily’s nomination, I knew I had to meet her. You can feel her magnetism before ever even being in her presence. She was described to me as talented, humble, kind, down to earth, goofy, inspirational, gracious, sweet & an amazing singer. Upon meeting her I realized these words paled in comparison to the light that she radiates.

In a world of materialism & superficiality, Emily is a breath of fresh air. When she speaks, it’s captivating. There’s no trace of teenage insecurities, judgements or selfishness. Instead, she talks about being kind to everyone and the love that God calls us to show to others. She’ll tell you that you should treat everyone the same (even your enemies) and that everything you do in life is an opportunity to minister to others. She has an incredibly strong faith and isn’t shy to share it.

Emily’s greatest passion is music. She sings, plays guitar and has even written her own songs! She has a beautiful voice and was kind enough to sing during her session (which we recorded and used for the audio on her video portrait!) Emily has a heart for serving and hopes to use her musical gifts to minister to others. 

When asked about her definition of beauty, Emily told me, “People who forgive others, who show relentless love, who are kind, confident & who love themselves, they are truly beautiful.” Emily is forever thinking about others and how to lift them up. When discussing true beauty, she described one of her friends to me instead of turning attention to herself. Even while taking her pictures, Emily never focused on herself. She would look at the back of the camera and compliment me on a beautiful image, or rave about my ability to style a blanket scarf! 

Emily’s personality does not go unnoticed at school- this Fall she was chosen for the lead as Anna in “The King & I” and was elected Homecoming Queen by her peers. Each & every student I spoke with about Emily had something kind to say about her & how genuine a person she is. The most accurate description from one of her classmates was that she “comes into class every day with that big crazy laugh of hers, and once she gets going, she can’t stop herself.” Just the thought of it puts a smile on your face!

Emily’s spirit is incredibly contagious. She fills you with joy that you didn’t know you were missing and each little giggle, or smile, or excited story, makes you want to know her more. She is bubbly and optimistic and is genuinely thankful for everything she has, no matter how big or small. “I have a really good life,” she told me. It’s a simple phrase, but with a giant lesson. To Emily, life is not about the latest iPhone or most expensive prom dress. It’s about faith, joy, music, friends, art, love & all the things that money has no control over. She is wise beyond her years and kind beyond measure. She is beauty revived."



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