Regan {Ark City Senior}

January 07, 2016  •  6 Comments

Regan was my final senior model to shoot her senior session last Fall (which makes me kind of sad!) but she took the model team out with a BANG! This girl is so fierce and unique and wanted her entire session to have an edgy urban vibe, and of course I was happy to oblige!

​Regan's favorite color is probably a toss up between black, charcoal gray & light! She is sarcastic, witty & smart and wants to attend a design school after graduation. She is also an epic golfer and has a small obsession with One Direction! I love her personal style & her kind heart- which by the way I think she gets from her momma who is the absolute sweetest!

The day of Regan's session was cool & cloudy, pretty much perfect for her urban style! We started in the studio with hair & makeup by Beauty with Abby and while Regan was in the glam chair she introduced me to The 1975, and we chatted about music and life and all things high school. For her first look we ventured a couple blocks from the studio where we found a police officer trying to catch a wild angry dog... he warned us to be on the lookout and then asked how far away our car was. THEN he said "If you see me running, you run." lol!! Needless to say we went back and got a car for safety purposes. Nobody needed to be mauled that day!

The rest of our session went off without a hitch, and Regan was up for anything. We shot on a pile of old tires, laughed at "that's what she said" jokes and explored the alleyways of Ark City all afternoon. I am so very blessed that Regan chose to join my model team this year and I have had so much fun capturing her gorgeous face- and those EYES? There are no words. 

Check out some of our favorite shots from her session below- and be sure to leave her some love!




Gorgeous! I'm biased because she is my aunts granddaughter! I see my mothers eyes and the smith beauty! Of course I also see her mama in her face as well! I see her daddy's onery glimmer in her smile!
I can't pick a favorite of my beautiful niece! Amazing pictures! We love you Regan!
DrDefinitely a beauty and I like all of her poses but the ones where she smiles are the best she looks so much like her mama and her mom is the nicest person I know so I know Reagan will be the same way
Ah just another beautiful Headrick! I love you! I can't Beleive one of the Lil princesses is graduating!
Tera Cox(non-registered)
Perfectly said Chelsea! Regan is unique, beautiful and driven!! The girl has it all and doesn't have a prideful bone in her body. I am giddy with anticipation to sit back and watch what she has in store for this world!!! Love you Regs!!
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